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Powerful waves along California coast attract adrenalin junkies, force cruise ship to reroute

On Sunday, powerful large waves pounded the Southern California coastline, according to the National Weather Service.

The dangerous conditions warded off swimmers, attracted adrenalin junkies and forced a cruise ship to change course.

Daredevil surfers flocked to the area, keeping lifeguards busy resulting in several rescues.

A New Zealand storm produced large waves across the Pacific along the Southern California coastline creating dangerous rip currents throughout the region. In Newport Beach, waves reached 16 to 18 feet generating a high-surf advisory warning of dangerous swimming conditions.

The large waves were the reason a Carnival cruise ship had to dock in San Diego. Destined for Long Beach, Carnival Imagination made its way to San Diego instead because the large waves and long swells posed a danger to the ship’s gangway connection and could stress the ship’s mooring lines.

In Newport Harbor, a lifeguard rescued a surfer who had been injured, one of many rescues made along the Southern California coast on Sunday. “Caution” tape was eventually stretched down the beach by The Wedge surfing area, warning people to stay away from the surf.

According to Mike Halphide, the city’s lifeguard battalion chief, a total of 16 people were rescued from the water.

Forecasters say the highest peaks will occur on Monday. The warning remains in effect until Tuesday.


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