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Political trial demanded against judge who granted Borge suspension

Cancun, Q.R. — A motion has been filed against the judge who granted the arrest suspension to Roberto Borge.

The Movimiento Ciudadano party filed a lawsuit against three federal judges, one of them being the judge who granted the recent arrest warrent suspension to Borge. The lawsuit was presented in the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union by the political party Citizen Movement.

A political trial has been demanded for Ciro Carrera Santiago, the Fifth District Judge who granted provisional suspension to Roberto Borge. Other judges denounced are Beatriz Jaimes Ramos (Judge Quinto de Distrito de Nuevo León) and Sandra Robledo Magaña (District Judge of the City of Mexico).

The request for a political trial, which was signed by Congressman Jorge Alvarez Maynez, states, “In granting suspensions, federal judges have clearly breached their duty to weigh the appearance of good law against social interest and public order.”

Citizen Movement said that it is a matter of supervising those who distort justice to protect the governors. The text reads, “The corrupt acts of the administration of Javier Duarte in Veracruz, Rodrigo Medina in Nuevo León, Roberto Borge in Quintana Roo and César Duarte in Chihuahua, caused great damage to the society of their respective entities as a whole.

“And it is unlikely that the arrest warrants against him will be suspended, given the history of leaks by former governors who have appeared in recent times.”

The Congress of Quintana Roo also made its displeasure of the judge’s actions known, displeased that some federal judges would grant suspensions to Borge officials.

On July 14, Judge Ciro Carrera Santiago granted a provisional suspension to Borge who paid 59,000 pesos as a guarantee for this legal remedy.

On August 1, Borge was brought before a Panama court where he refused to accept being extradited to Mexico to face justice for the alleged federal crime of money laundering, embezzlement, illegal use of power and irregular performance of public functions.

The court appearance took place before the High Court of Appeals of the First Judicial District of Panama.