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Political ad spots being sold on Dish and DirecTV

DirecTV and Dish Network have banded together in an attempt to offer an addressable advertising platform for political campaigns.

This strategic relationship will allow political campaigns in California to target their political ads directly at the more than 20 million households that Dish and DirecTV have as subscribers.

This particular arrangement will be focused solely on political television advertisements while their other media efforts will remain independent.

Keith Kazerman, senior vice president of ad sales, DirecTV explains, “The DirecTV/Dish addressable advertising platform utilizes highly sophisticated and targeted technology that will allow political campaigns to specifically reach swing voters with TV ads. Campaigns can focus their message to a precise set of potential voters and eliminate the spending waste.

“The platform not only uniquely monetizes big data, which has become critical to every political campaign, but it does it at scale. It’s the perfect complement to local DMA cable buys and a fiscally compelling alternative to local broadcast.”

Warren Schlichting, senior vice president of Dish media sales adds, “Individually, Dish and DirecTV have pioneered household-addressable advertising across a national footprint for more than two years.

“As campaigns utilize more and more data, household-addressable advertising introduces a powerful tool to deliver a tailored message to a precise and measurable audience. Together, Dish and DirecTV reach nearly one out of every five U.S. television households and usher TV into the modern political age.”

The joint venture is expected to work well as DirecTV and Dish use the same technology to deliver addressable advertising at a household level to their combined 20 million audience.

The two satellite giants are expecting sales to begin in the next few weeks.

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