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Policing in Playa del Carmen stepped up with patrols, new modules

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Policing in Playa del Carmen as been stepped up with the addition of patrols in known trouble areas as well as the opening of three unused tourist police stations.

Three unused police modules have been revitalized in Playa del Carmen. The revitalization came on orders from the General Directorate of Public Safety and Transit, Martín Estrada Sánchez, who says that three Tourist Police modules that were abandoned have been restored.

The three restorations are on Constituyentes, Juarez and 38 Norte with the goal of improving security and maintaining closeness with residents and tourists. Police are on hand at all three locations to help assist tourists and receive any attention they may need as well as handle emergency situations and conduct area patrols.

After the opening of the three modules, Tourist Police commander Alberto Faustino Pat Mis, initiated a permanent pedestrian and motorized surveillance operation in the first square of the city along Fifth Avenue and the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, which is also meant to bring additional security for walkers and shoppers in the area.

In addition to the restoration of the police modules, a security operation in two subdivisions with high crime reports has been given additional detail with extra policing in Villas del Sol and Pescadores in an attempt to help reduce crime.

Commander Martín Estrada Sánchez says the additional surveillance is the result of meetings held with the Secretary of State Security to strengthen communication and coordination between corporations to decrease the municipality’s crime rate.

Martin Estrada acknowledges that each subdivision requires different treatment and that they have information that determines the most conflicted areas of the municipality. From there, they establish strategies and action plans accordingly.

He says that these new strategies will be constant, especially in the areas where before, little or no police patrolled.