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Police warning women about serial rapist

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Municipal police are asking women in Playa del Carmen to take precautions and be aware of their surroundings, especially during the night hours, after three rapes were reported.

Over the last two weeks, three women have reported being raped in residential areas of Playa del Carmen. Arsenio Parra, the deputy director of the Municipal Preventive Police of Playa del Carmen, is recommending women who arrive late from work to be accompanied by a friend or carry pepper spray.

“We have constant operations and we are redoubling them due to some incidents that have arisen. Be assured that we are working on that,” he said. He says that the rapes have occurred near vacant lots and green areas where people walk to get to their homes.

Testimonials from paramedics and taxi drivers indicate that the last three rapes have occurred at the intersection of 125 with Colosio near Plaza Maya and near Real Bilbao. Testimonies from the victims suggest the crimes are being committed by the same man who is said to have a tattoo with the name “Sergio” on his neck and a skull and gun tattooed on his right hand.

Police say in the cases of women who work late in the tourism industry and leave their jobs late, those are the ones that have been sexually assaulted.

“What we recommend is that they take precautionary measures. We have been able to observe in most of the incidents that have arisen that women walk alone in dark and encased areas. If they have to travel during late hours through solitary, winding streets, they should be accompanied by someone,” he added.

The latest rape occurred Friday night after a women left her job from the Xcaret hotel. She was returning home at dawn when she was surprised by a man hiding in the bushes near the Real Bilbao subdivision. He took her to a vacant lot where he raped her and stole her belongings.

The woman was able to stop a passing taxi driver for help. She was taken by ambulance to hospital with severe injuries. The previous two sexual assaults occurred on 125 Avenue with Colosio and then in the vicinity of Centro Maya.