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Police stand guard in Playa del Carmen subdivision after continued violence

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The mayor of Playa del Carmen says after two days of violence toward government officials in the Villas del Sol subdivision, police have been placed in the area to ensure security.

Cristina Torres Gómez says that in response to the violence experienced by both police and Sintra officials over the last two days, additional reinforcements have been placed in the Villas del Sol subdivision due to the insecurity of certain groups that cause social instability.

“In the general security issue, we must be very attentive. I specifically asked the police to do security rounds in Villas del Sol, which in some way exacerbates security in the area because we have coincidentally detected in social movements where security forces have been attacked.

“There are two or three known people who are the ones that are inciting the violence,” she explained. She also said those individuals have not been arrested due to lack of information and specifications of the Accusatory Criminal Justice System.

She said to date, the Attorney General of the State has not reported on the progress of the complaints filed for the aggression and losses recorded by the municipality after the last confrontation, where residents burned a police guardhouse.

She added that regarding the protests of mototaxi service providers, “The problem lies in the people who do not understand they cannot try to defend something when they do not know what is illegal or by seeking legality in illegal acts.”

The mayor stressed that in the issue of surveillance, “What happens is that the number of protesters always exceed the number of police, so what we’ve learned is that in a specific situation in that area, we have to arrive with reinforced elements.”