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Police dedicated to improving Playa security

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – In light of recent violent events that have taken place in Playa del Carmen, municipality officials are reassuring the general public that they are committed to fighting crime.

In a media release, the Director General of Public Safety and Municipal Transit, Juan Martín Rodríguez Olvera, says that the Government of Solidarity and the General Direction of Public Safety and Municipal Transit reaffirm their commitment regarding the security of the citizens. It is for this reason they continue to work in coordination with the State and Federal security forces.

In order to provide the security that the Solidarites deserve, the director says they will not give up efforts. In addition to permanent operations they have doubled police inspections on motorcycles, vehicles and bystanders.

Rodríguez Olvera made an apology to the general population for the timely inconveniences this is causing, however, they say they are committed to being formal and correct in the inspections. He is reminding everyone that their only objective is to generate safety for the local families and tourists.

The director noted that since the beginning of this government they have worked tirelessly to improve working conditions and police training.

We will continue to confront criminals and those who, for political ends, seek to break the peace of our community,” he added.

“I reiterate the commitment of the Municipal Government and of each of the elements in my charge, to continue fighting crime. We will not rest until we guarantee the safety of the solidarity and their families, which are also our own. We will continue working to restore order and peace in our municipality.”