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Police advise drivers Cancun roadways more congested than normal

Cancún, Q.R. — With fluctuating figures, the commissioner of the federal police says that now, Cancun roadways are seeing around 600 vehicles per hour, a number that will increase as the holiday season gets underway.

Juan Manuel Ayala Guarro, commissioner of the Federal Police reports that in the coming days, hundreds of vehicles per hour will be counted on the Cancun-Mérida highway, adding that the traffic count will be even higher along free roadways.

He says that the Cancun federal police station participates in the Winter Safe Operative 2018-2019 with personnel from three divisions of Gendarmerie, Federal Forces and Regional Security, which cover the roadways.

“We have 145 highway police in the state between the three stations of Chetumal, Carrillo Puerto and Cancún. We are working with Sedena, Semar and the other two government orders, the state and municipal, to ensure the safety of visitors and residents of the state,” he explained.

Ayala Guarro says that the Secure Winter Operative 2018-2019 began December 20 and will continue until January 6. He is recommending drivers to be alert and drive with caution due to the high number of vehicles on the roadways.

He also advises drivers to plan trips accordingly, to locate ahead of time places such as gas stations and restaurants. He adds that it is important drivers check tires, engine operation and other vehicle factors such as the braking system, lights and windshield wipers.

He says starting out with a full tank of gas and avoiding stops in solitary places is also recommended and reminds drivers that driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics is against the law, as is driving while using a cell phone.