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Pok Ta Pok golf course becoming residential housing project

Cancun, Q.R. – Land that has been used for the Pok Ta Pok golf course in Cancun’s Hotel Zone for nearly a decade, may be up for a change.

Owners of the Pok Ta Pok land say they have considered about 10 requests over the past two weeks on possible land use changes for the current golf course. Some of the suggestions range from building a hotel to adding new condominiums.

One of the possibilities is a project, Havat, that dates back to 2009. Havat is a 2,500 unit housing project that would consist of five 30-story towers and two, 5-story buildings with a shopping area on 6.5 hectares with 6-level parking. The project would also include a 10 floor, 276-room hotel with 45 family waterfront homes. In all, the proposed project would consume the entire 57 hecatres of the current Pok Ta Pok golf course.

On the grounds of the Pok Ta Pok golf course, investors are seeking approval to have 45 dwellings per hectare, leaving 10 hectares of greenspace. They are also hoping to have eight hectares donated in exchange for the approval of construction licenses for hotel and housing land use.

Owners of the land say that the use of the golf course has decreased 50 percent over the past few years and that residents may need to prepare to accept financial losses and relocate.

Pok To Pok 18-hole golf course was built in 1976 by Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo — FONATUR (National Fund for Tourism Development) as infrastructure to support growing tourism in Cancun. At the time, FONATUR invested $4.6 million USD to build the course. The course, which is 7,000 yards long, was designed by Robert Trent Jones. The golf course has been sold and resold over the years.

According to the Ministry of Ecology and Municipal Urban Development, the proposed project is headed by Havat Corporation Group.

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