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Playa’s city center to undergo major changes in new year

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The city center of Playa del Carmen will undergo some major changes in the new year with several central modifications, says mayor.

Playa del Carmen mayor, Cristina Torres Gómez, says that the changes expected in the new mobility plan for 2018 will include parking meters, the relocation of ADO and modifications to the general circulation of the downtown core.

“We are going to launch the mobility plan that takes us to an integral mobility through bicycles, parking areas allowed by hours (parking meters), through re-cabling public transport both its areas of travel and boarding that allows us to vent the center and betting on a city that is a bit more pedestrian than it started with Juarez Avenue,” said Cristina Torres Gómez.

She added that the urban transportation stops as well as the Fifth Avenue ADO, will all be moved.

“We can not impose new plans without providing a solution, so we are going to give ADO facilities so that the company can go to an alternate location and unburden Fifth,” she said.

Councilor for Urban Development César Navarro Medina explained that although the city has been hoping to turn the area between 2 Street and 10 to 15 Avenues as pedestrian only, they are still analyzing if such a move would benefit vehicle traffic, since part of the area that would be affected is the entrance and exit circuit of Playacar.

“We think it’s relevant is to change some areas. It will not be all, but if the parking meters are made in the first frame, Transit has already made some observations and will modify the areas accordingly, especially in secondary avenues,” he said.

Although there is no exact date to launch the mobility plan, Navarro Medina expects that in the first portion of 2018, they will deal with the most complicated areas of the city such as Colonia Centro. The change from City Hall to the new Municipal Palace is expected for the first week of February.