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Playa del Carmen’s Sayab Planetarium set for October opening

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – The city’s highly-anticipated new planetarium, Sayab, is set to open in October.

Alcérreca Victor Sanchez, director of Quintanarroense Council of Science and Technology (Coqcyt) said that the new planetarium for Playa del Carmen is comparable to the new planetarium in Cozumel. While both share many characteristics including the same capacity, Cozumel’s planetarium Ch’an Ka’an offers 3-D projections.

The Ch’an Ka’an planetarium ended up as a 59.7 million peso investment, while the Sayab Planetarium in Playa del Carmen cost 52 million pesos. The difference in cost is mainly due to the technology in the area of the 3-D projection abilities.

The building labor for Playa del Carmen’s Sayab Planetarium is complete. During the rest of August and into September, the planetarium will be outfitted with furniture and other features involving Conagua and CAPA, as well as historical and cultureal information about the biodiversity of the Riviera Maya.

Once complete, planetariums Ch’an Ka’an and Sayab will be linked with the network of astronomical observatories in the state including Yok’ol Kaab in Chetumal and Ka’Yok in Cancun.

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