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Playa del Carmen’s mobile doctors to be permanent service

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Government of Solidarity in coordination with the Ministry of Health of Quintana Roo have announced that the mobile doctor program that has been running this summer will become a permanent program.

As of August, the mobile doctor program that travels to communities far from health services, will become a permanent part of the municipalities services, announced municipality president, Cristina Torres.

“In this town where people are so strong, so hard working, what we need is for families to live well and live healthy, so I call on all society to make a community where we have a better Solidarity, because health is our priority,” she said.

Through the permanent Physician in Your Home mobile health program, doctors from the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen will visit colonies the furthest away from health facilities.

Currently, the program is set up in the residential community of Colosio where over the past two days, mobile doctors have tended to 2,847 residential patients.

Staff from the Ministry of Health will have a base at the PDC General Hospital.

The state medical program was created to serve people with physical, economic or demographic difficulties that limit their ability to visit a health facility and has become a program that has proven to be extremely successful.

Mobile doctors will also visit the homes of patients. “There are those who are bedridden, so now a doctor will go to the house through this program. I urge citizens to collaborate by informing us of cases so that we can provide health care to those who need it,” she explained.

The doctors offer a variety of medical services including general consultations, screening tests for diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hyperplasia and cytology for the prevention of cervical and breast cancer. Medical staff also offer nutritional talks, family and gender violence seminars, family planning and the use of contraceptives, as well as the application of vaccines..

Head of Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 2, Socrates Homero Leon Pérez, reported that Solidaridad is the fifth municipality in which the state government has permanently implemented the Physician in Your Home program.