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Playa del Carmen’s cultural theater exceeding expectations

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. —  With nine shows during its opening week, the new cultural center has already entertained more than 6,000 people, reports Luis Ernesto Lopez Vargas, director of Culture. Every night since opening, the theater has seen 95 percent occupancy.

“We could say we had a full house. What happens is that we deliver the tickets for all functions but there was a very rare phenomenon, that some people who got tickets were not able to attend, which is unfortunate, but there were people interested in appreciating the theater so they went to see if they could get in and fortunately we were able to get them in,”  he explained.

The theater, which has a capacity for 732 people, has averaged 700 people per night, entertaining 6,200 spectators so far with nine shows, two nights of the Symphony Orchestra, a function of the Society of Classical Dance, four Vagina Monologues and two puppet shows.

The next presentation will be on August 16 with a musical by local artist Dan Lova who is an Elvis Presley impersonator. The show is in recognition of the 38th anniversary of the death of Elvis and will be free.

“This event will be part of the Cultural Sundays and is free and on instructions from the president,” said Lopez Vargas.

Also lined up is a forum on the Caribbean Festival of Culture (Fecuca), the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival and the Equinox Festival, among others. Culture organizers are also in talks with officials in Merida about making artist exchanges.

Lopez Vargas  says, “One of the intentions we have is to make arrangements to host the artistic Cervantino Festival after it finishes in Guanajuato. The festival is touring the country and now that we have the facilities to host, we just have to make the proposal.”

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