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Playa del Carmen to set up professional tourist police unit to assist in crimes

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — City officials are preparing a proposal that would allow the municipality’s tourist police to support municipal police in criminal acts.

Gustavo García Utrera, alderman of the Security Commission, says they are drafting a proposal to amend the Regulation of the Interior of Public Security to insert the support unit, probably at the level of sub-direction, that would allow tourist police to accompany first respondent police officers in criminal acts.

He explained that before the end of the year, they are hoping to form a professional tourist police support unit to fulfill the First Respondent National Protocol, which he points out, would be set up as soon as they have everything in order. The goal, he adds, is to increase the effectiveness of public security not only with tourists, but in criminal matters.

“This office must have a high level of legal academic preparation and must understand, crystal clear, the First Respondent National Protocol to be an adviser or guide of the police officers who assist a criminal act and ensure that the approved police report is effectively integrated and, in the case of dispositions, they have all the support they need,” he said.

The city councilor noted that with the new unit, they will be able to better deal with the professionalization of the procedures in the National Protocol of Action, admitting that the public’s opinion has had an effect.

He says opinions point out that many of those arrested for crimes are released by the Public Ministry because the police did not do their job properly.

Martín Estrada Sánchez, head of the Public Security Bureau’s Office, added that before the end of this year, the call will be issued to form the professional tourist police. He expects that during the first half of 2019, they will have active members.

“We want this police to be the spearhead to improve professionalism so that there are police with a minimum of 80 percent English and some other language, as well as a bachelor’s degree who will therefore will have a higher salary than the rest for the high preparation that we are going to require,” he explained.