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Playa del Carmen to have recycling plant

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – The city of Playa del Carmen will soon have its own recycling plant.

According to Solidarity mayor, Mauricio Góngora Escalante, Playa del Carmen will soon have a recycle plant set up next to the main landfill. He says the government will receive 30 million peso for the installation of a recycling plant beside the landfill.

The land, which consists of a total of 45 hectares, will be divided up so that 10 hectares is reserved for recycling.

“We are already making the subdivisions of the land to separate waste from recycling. The resources for the project come from Semarnat, Branch 27, and will be handled directly by the federal authorities. We have been granted the facilities for operation,” said Góngora Escalante.

The new landfill area will do more than provide an enormous benefit to the environment. It will also generate additional revenue for municipal reserves since the tonnage paid to the landfill will be decreased.

“This plant separates waste for recycling. About 70 percent of the waste will not provide a profit  but everything will be separated and compacted into cube-shapes which will save 50 percent of overall space, which will lengthen the life of the landfill,” the mayor explained.

The recycling plant will provide a program that allows a few days of organic collection and other days of inorganic collection.

“At the beginning we will have to provide the citizens with two different bags so they can start a program of separation from home. It will take at least a year for people to get used to separating their garbage so you know what trash to take on the appropriate days, but I hope it can be implemented,” he said.

Góngora Escalante says the division of the land is already under way and should be complete before the end of the year. Construction and operation of the new recycling plant is intended to begin within the first few months of next year.

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