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Playa del Carmen dock expansion for yachts, cruise ships

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Municipality officials are hoping that for 2019, the city of Playa del Carmen will be ready to receive cruise ships.

A plan to expand the current ship dock to receive large yachts is in the works says Jesus Vega Arriaga, director general of Navigation Veracruzana (Navega). He explained that by next year, an extension of 100 meters will be added, making the current dock ready to receive luxury yachts and that by 2019, an additional 220 meters will be added, allowing enough extension to dock cruise ships.

He also added that the cost to extend these docks to accept cruise ships is approximately $20 million, a sum they don’t currently have.

“It has been a concern of the state and municipal government especially. President Cristina Torres has invited us to receive cruise ships, but first we need to work out the cost as it costs $20 million dollars and we do not have that money. It would have to be financed and there are a lot of mechanics and permits, but now is not the time. For now, we will focus only on mega yachts,” he said.

Vega Arriega said that on average, a cruise traveler spends $125 US per day while those arriving on mega yachts spend $300 dollars a day on average.

At the moment, the cruise ships that arrive do so via Cozumel where their passengers board the ferries to come to Playa del Carmen and from here, depart to the sites that they wish to visit like Chichen Itzá or the tourist parks.

“The idea is good, to make a cruise ship dock so we will see what can be done. It’s feasible,” he added.

It’s expected that once the first 100 meter expansion is complete, between 20 and 30 yachts will dock at Playa del Carmen each year.