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Playa del Carmen to become Smart City with AT&T Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A collaborative agreement signed between Playa del Carmen and AT&T Mexico will turn the municipality into a Smart City.

The signing of the new agreement, which was done between AT & T Mexico, the municipality of Solidaridad and the Institute for the Development and Financing of the State, will see Playa del Carmen implement an Intelligent Beach Project as part of the new smart city features.

The Intelligent Beach Project will provide free Wi-Fi connectivity within delimited areas, while the smart city aspect will allow monitoring of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in real time, among other applications.

Intelligent nodes will be installed in varying streetlights around Playa del Carmen to build intelligent corridors. With them, lights can be automatically turned on and off and their intensity controlled.

In some spaces, the existing security cameras will be enabled so they can obtain an analysis of pedestrian and vehicular flow, while others will have environment sensors. In turn, the municipality could find a more sustainable consumption of lights as well as strengthened security.

This project seeks to promote the creation of smart cities in Mexico uniting communities, people and infrastructure through technology and the power of the AT&T network. The company is the first to make use of the LTE-M network in Mexico, which has been designed for the deployment of the Internet of Things on a large scale, to the benefit of the tourist community of Playa del Carmen.

“The commercial and tourist activity of Playa del Carmen has shown a great growth in recent years, therefore, having more connectivity will help to continue promoting this potential. An intelligent city represents a more accessible space for our inhabitants and is more attractive both for tourism service operators as well as for visitors and future investors,” said mayor Christine Torres Gómez.

Andrés Canales, vice president of Internet of Things at AT & T in Mexico explained, “Internet technology allows connecting objects, machines or ‘things’ to accelerate business and services, generate savings, improve safety and optimize mobility in cities.

“With this project, we will seek to improve the quality of life of the population of Quintana Roo and the tourists who visit the destination.”

As part of the agreement, the installation of Wi-Fi modules on the luminaires will also be evaluated, as well as to offer free connectivity to people who have devices.

The project is being done in part with the Institute for the Development and Financing of the State through its investment promotion platform Pro Quintana Roo and is a follow-up to the collaboration initiative announced in December 2017.