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Playa del Carmen taxi drivers submit fare increase request

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The taxi union for Solidaridad has followed Cancun’s lead in submitting a request for fare increases.

The State Department of Transportation and Roads (Sintra) says that taxi drivers from Lázaro Cárdenas del Río of Playa del Carmen have submitted a request to increase their service fees for 3 to 5 peso reasoning there is already a joint petition with the other union organizations in the state.

Jesús Duarte Yam, delegate of Sintra for Solidaridad, says it was at the beginning of this week when the request was sent to the State Directorate of Transportation and Roads in Chetumal, clarifying that they have not been given a green light to increase fares.

“It was all the secretaries of the unions who asked for the increase in taxi fares three days ago, but until now, there is no authorization for any increase until they are notified by the direction of Transportation for the state,” said Duarte Yam.

Alejandro Ramos Hernandez, state director of Transportation and Roads, said that to solve this problem the state needs to be fair, considering both the impact of inflation and increased costs for taxi drivers in addition to the loss of purchasing power of citizens in general.

He says they need to find a balance while ensuring that taxis provide a quality service, both for tourism and for local users.

“The increase request cannot be just given a yes because we have to do the analysis of inflation, the loss of purchasing power, the ability to pay of potential users of the service, as well as improving the quality of service.

“The request is still in the process of analysis and we hope to have another meeting with the unions next week. We understand the need that exists to adapt to inflation, increase in vehicle costs. We have to be fair and balanced, understanding the situation of the operators, but also of the users,” he explained.

In July, Cancun taxi drivers submitted a request to the government to increase fares in the municipality by 30 percent.