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Playa del Carmen residents dissatisfied with Aguakán

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – For the second time in 30 days, local residents show their dissatisfaction with Aguakán.

The high cost of sewage and water prices for many local residents in Playa del Carmen has caused a second march throughout city streets.

Some local residents say that since the company took over the sewage and water responsibly for Solidaridad they have seen price increases that have doubled, and in some instances tripled, their monthly water bills. With such high bills, many suburb residents cannot afford to pay which results in their services being shut off.

Already, Aguakán has received more than double the amount of complaints than against the previous water company CAPA. They have been accused of raising rates, charging tariffs and changing meters without public consultation. Residents in several suburb colonies say they only receive water for a few hours each morning, leaving their homes without water to tend to basic daily activities.

Last year, the state government granted Aguakán the rights to provide private water and sewage service to Solidaridad for 35 years.

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