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Playa del Carmen police threaten strike over unpaid bonus

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Police in Playa del Carmen continue to wait for a state bonus they say is overdue. Hundreds of municipal police gathered Monday to question when they will receive payment.

The bonus has been an ongoing topic among ranks of the municipal police who continue to wait for the payment of the 17,000 peso Fortaseg bonus. Knowing that municipal officials were back in office after the elections, police began to demand the payment out of fear that current administration will finish without paying them.

In the municipal palace, Joaquín Morales Rodríguez, secretary of Public Security, asked for patience while officials validate the payment.

“On Monday there was a meeting with the Planning Director and the trustee. They have to make the request through Mexico City to validate the payment. We’re just waiting for the confirmation,” he explained.

The protesting police threatened a work stoppage if they were not paid, however, although the treasurer is still tending to accounts, the bonus was approved.