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Playa del Carmen police, fire and security get pay increase

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — City Council of Playa del Carmen has approved a pay increase for several sectors of municipal operations with pay being retroactive starting August 1.

Members of the Cabildo de Solidaridad approved an increase in the salaries of the operational personnel of the General Directorate of Public Security, the Fire Department and security guards at the Municipal Retention Center.

Playa del Carmen mayor, Cristina Torres Gómez, says the pay increase is 1,000 peso every two weeks and is a way of recognizing the daily effort carried out to safeguard the life and property of the people of Solidaridad.

Torres Gómez said that the resources necessary for payment are provided until the month of September. In December, the next administration has the means to pay this increase without affecting municipal finances.

“The goal is to recognize their work. It is an increase that is taken with full awareness that it does not commit the next administration to do so, however, the budget allocated to this is fully covered for the following months of this year, so the new government has the capacity to be able pay this increase,” she said.

The increase is retroactive as of August 1 of this year.