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Playa del Carmen police chief resigns, third chief this year

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The current police chief of Solidaridad has resigned, handing over the position to another member and making it the third changeover since the new government.

During a city meeting, Juan Martín Rodríguez Olvera announced his resignation as Secretary of Public Safety, designating the position to his successor Joaquín Morales Hernández.

This is the third police chief for Playa del Carmen in the little over a year of government. Rodríguez Olvera took office in January of this year, shortly after the Blue Parrot shootings and throughout the year, has faced a wave of violence in addition to dissatisfaction of the police elements.

Joaquín Morales Hernández, in his first interview after his appointment, offered to reinforce social proximity, make patrols more efficient and work more with crime prevention strategies.

The new secretary mentioned that he is aware of the personal challenges he has and the great commitment which he assumes before Solidaridad, noting that social proximity is a key point for crime prevention.

He says now, “Everything is quiet and we are working 100 percent, because our colleagues are aware that it is a season in which our support is required to take care of the population, the neighborhoods, businesses, banks and places.”