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Playa del Carmen overpass closed for maintenance

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Beginning the morning of September 3, part of the overpass along the main highway of Playa del Carmen will be closed.

The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) are closing the north-south lanes of the bridge beginning September 3 for repaving.  Eddie Flores Serrano, director of Public Works, said the repaving will be done over a period of about three weeks.

Flores Serrano noted, “We will begin work on Thursday starting with the Cancun-Tulum direction. We expect that will take us about five or six days, then we will continue with the lateral body of the bridge in the same direction,” he said.

Once the upper level of the overpass has been repaved, crews will then move to the lower level of the same direction in an attempt to have the least amount of disruption to traffic as possible.

“We already have a plan to speed up work and maintain the best possible traffic route, which will be similar to the maintenance plan used ​​in the last year,” he added.

Approximately four kilometers of the roadway will be closed for maintenance. City officials are urging motorists to use alternate routes during this time.

During repaving, the bottom point crossings will remain open only in major arteries such as Colosio, CTM, 34, Constituents and Juarez Avenues.

“We are estimating that the work will last for three weeks. The Department of Public Works is supporting the SCT with logistics to ensure the job is completed in that time,” said Flores Serrano.

On Wednesday, crews will begin measuring and marking the layout for equipment. During this time, traffic will be allowed to use the bridge, but on Thursday, traffic will be suspended from the junction of Boulevard Playa del Carmen Avenue Julio 28.

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