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Playa del Carmen officially equipped with first weather station

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — UPDATED: The city of  Playa del Carmen is officially equipped with its own weather station.

Previously relying on surrounding areas including Cozumel and the Cancun International Airport, the city is now able to provide its own weather forecasts.

The new weather equipment has been installed at the main maritime terminal in central Playa del Carmen, where officials say, it is the best place to determine the most accurate monitoring for weather conditions.

Luis Alejandre, manager of the maritime terminal, says that it is important for Playa del Carmen to have its own weather station placement, which means the city no longer has to rely on other plants for its weather information.

“Before we only had the information of the stations that are in Cancun and Cozumel, however, as we know, it is possible to have discrepancies between the weather conditions forecast for Playa del Carmen and these places, so it is important that we have our own station,” he said.

The new weather equipment was bought and installed by a cooperative purchase between several nautical companies of Playa del Carmen, the Port Captaincy and the Navega terminal.

The weather equipment that makes up the city’s first meteorological station was an investment of 250,000 peso and is already up and running with weather forecast sites such as Weather Underground – Solidaridad.

Alejandre says that now, Playa del Carmen will be able to offer more accurate weather data about climate conditions and will serve not only tourists, but also boats, because the monitoring is constant and updated several times a day.