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Playa del Carmen has largest volunteer group in state

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — During the recent international beach cleanup, the municipality of Solidaridad had the largest group of volunteers in the state.

On September 23, the municipality of Solidaridad participated in the annual International Clean Water garbage collection organized by Ocean Conservancy that began in Tulum and ended in Holox earlier in October.

This year, the municipality had more than 5,500 volunteers sign up for the event, the largest volunteer group in the state. Local volunteers cleaned 20 beaches and two reefs over 62 kilometers. According to the Director of the Federal Maritime Solidarity Zone of Solidarity, Hugo Uribe Nicolás, volunteers of Solidaridad collected 5,481.1 kilos of garbage in a single day.

“The current administration works on the preservation and rehabilitation of beaches on a daily basis through strategies designed in the Municipal Development Plan 2016-2018,” he said adding that “In addition to these efforts, we joined the Ocean Conservancy on an international level.”

In addition to the 20 beaches two reef areas, Inah and Moxché, were also cleaned with the help of divers from municipality diving centers.

Uribe Nicolás says that in addition to cleaning and preserving the reef and beach areas, he hopes international beach cleanups make the general population aware of the importance of not contaminating the natural resources of the municipality.