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Playa del Carmen has fireworks authorization, but not Cancun

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — For upcoming holiday season, officials have determined that the sale of fireworks will not be prohibited in Cancun, however, they will be sold in Playa del Carmen.

While in the neighboring municipality of Benito Juárez there will be no authorization for the sale of pyrotechnics, they will be sold in Solidaridad, where last year, there was a high demand for the product, explains the director of Civil Protection, Orlando Muñoz Gómez.

Fireworks will be sold throughout the municipality of Solidaridad, from Playa del Carmen to Puerto Aventuras, he added.

Luis Antonio Lomeli, director of Civil Protection of Benito Juarez said that as in previous years, there will be no sale of fireworks in Cancun since it seems people are not trained to handle these products.

“There will be operatives and the citizens are asked to inform if there is a sale in places like supermarkets,” he said.

In contrast, Orlando Muñoz Gómez reported that he already met with five fireworks distributors to segment the market, which covers the entire municipality including Puerto Aventuras and the remote colonies.

He explained that certain criteria such as not selling to minors, not allowing sales in street stalls and requiring permits and approvals along with the sale of only cold pyrotechnics will be applied.

Last year, Orlando Muñoz issued 150 permits for pyrotechnics sales, one of which exploded on 25 Avenue and 2 North Street from excessive heat of the premises.

He referred to that incident as “strange”, but noted the place had security measures and fire extinguishers, adding that “With these experiences we will continue to monitor the places that sell them,” he said.