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Playa del Carmen General Hospital workers begin protests

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Approximately 60 health care workers marched down the streets of Playa del Carmen on Sunday in protest of working conditions.

Doctors, nurses and other staff from the Playa del Carmen General Hospital took to the city’s popular Fifth Avenue on Sunday where they ended at Julio 28, opposite the town hall. Hospital staff marched carrying banners in both Spanish and English describing the unfavorable working conditions.

Messages written on cardboard banners displayed complaints ranging from corruption to workplace harassment; workers saying they have to comply within the dependent facilities of the State Health Department.

Hospital staff say that the institution needs a complete restructuring of services being offered to citizens, explaining that the current administration system has been the cause of input shortages and lack of staff.

Oscar Hernández Villalvazo, a surgeon at the hospital said, “We recently had a conversation with authorities to discuss our list of demands, but apparently they were only willing to fulfill one of the points, so we gathered on Fifth Avenue to inform citizens and tourists of our situation.”

Staff members of Sociedad de Trabajadores de Contrato, Incidencias and Confianza (the Society of contract workers, Incidences and Trust) from the Playa del Carmen General Hospital said that despite having agreed to one of their demands, the public hospital administration continues to receive acts of intimidation and harassment for them to stop demonstrations.

The society is set to meet with health authorities on June 1 in the state’s capital of Chetumal, but say they continue to work under protest and have not ruled out filing a formal complaint with the State Commission of Human Rights due to the level of harassment in the way of intimidation and threats they continue to experience.

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