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Playa del Carmen General Hospital staff continue to work under protest

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Playa del Carmen General Hospital staff continue to work under protest.

Although they have not received any solution to their problem, the association of contract workers of the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen lifted the work stoppage that began June 8.

Spokesman for the movement, Hugo Ivan Flores, said that after reflecting on the importance of services as health professionals they decided to end the movement but continue to work under protest.

“We want to make it clear that this is to avoid any prejudice against society. We will continue working under protest and begin the legal process that behooves us as citizens,” Flores said.

He explained that head of human resources, Patricia Sanabria, has yet to be removed from her position as requested in their list of demands and continues to fill the interests of the hospital director and a select group instead of all staff.

Oswaldo Mendoza, one spokesperson of the movement, said a complaint is being filed for the crime of nepotism committed by the head of human resources, who has several relatives working in the same hospital. They have also requested an audit of the federal subsidies received by the General Hospital derived from the federal “Seguro Popular” program which they say has been misused.

Doctors from the hospital also acknowledge that in the event of a hurricane, the Playa del Carmen General Hospital is not ready. They say the hospital lacks the necessary medical supplies to treat patients 100 percent.

A lack of infrastructure, combined with a lack of medical supplies and poor working conditions continues to plague staff at the hospital.

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