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Playa del Carmen General Hospital now has 30 medical specialists

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The General Hospital of Playa del Carmen now has 30 medical specialists on site for patients using the public facility.

Over the last month, the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen has increased its staff of specialists, now employing 30 experts in various areas of symptomatology.

According to Playa del Carmen General Hospital director Francisco Granados Navas, the latest arrival is that of a neurosurgeon.

“Being that Playa del Carmen is a tourist city where there are many falls due to tourist activities, it is necessary that there is a specialist of this type in the General Hospital. On the other hand, there are also accidents among construction workers,” said Granados Navas.

During the last month, Granados Navas says that in addition to a neurosurgeon, the hospital has also added a pediatric surgeon, clinical oncologist, urologist and nephrologist or kidney specialist. He adds that later in the month, the hospital will see the arrival of a gynecologist.

Granados Navas explained, “This not only provides attention to Playa del Carmen, but can also give attention to other places that are in the vicinity of the municipality, such as Cozumel or Tulum.”

“There are other items at a general level that need to be covered permanently,” he said explaining that this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on world leaders to commit to taking concrete measures to promote the health of all people.

WHO says, “Universal health coverage is achieved when there is a firm political determination. This means ensuring that all people, anywhere, can have access to essential and quality health services without having to endure economic hardships.”

Last week, Hilario Soriano Valdés, president of the College of Physicians of Quintana Roo said that Cancun’s medical specialists were leaving public health institutions for private clinics and hospitals due to low salaries.