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Playa del Carmen garbage collectors told to stop asking for tips

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen council is expressing their concern about reports of “voluntary garbage collection” by the city’s garbage collectors, who often ask for tips to remove garbage from a home.

Local councilor Jesús Caamal Casanova says he has had reports from neighbors in several neighborhoods such as Villas del Sol, Ejido, Colosio and Bellavista saying city workers “exert pressure” on the neighbors to give them money to collect the garbage.

“We have established schedules in each zone. People know that they must take out their garbage at a certain time when the truck passes, but what they tell us is that the workers pass by yelling “¡la basura!, ¡la basura!” and even knock on doors.

“That’s not right because they are not propineros (precarious workers who work without pay in the sector of consumer services). They have a salary and it is their job,” he explained.

The director of Public Services, Roberto Rejón Ucaña, says he will call on his workers to stop making requests for tips, noting that it stains the reputation of the city and the work they perform.

However, Caamal Casanova says that any tip given is voluntary. “We are not against people giving goodwill to our workers, but not under pressure to receive a tip.”