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Playa del Carmen first for beach load capacity project

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen will be the first municipality in the state to participate in a beach load capacity project that officials are hoping will provide long-term coastal preservation.

Jerónimo Ramos Sáenz Pardo, director general of Sustainable Tourism Management, explained that beach load capacity models are being designed specifically for tourist areas within the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Mexican Caribbean.

He says load capacity models will be created for each area and will determine factors such as the services of a particular beach, the users and the physical impact that will help regulate erosion and recovery.

Ramos Sáenz explained that with this model, the municipality of Solidaridad will be able to determine its load capacity from a tourist standpoint, and from there, will be able to generate an integral coastal management plan.

“We refer to the load capacity in three aspects,” he explains. “In the institutional part we consider the services that the beach has such as drainage, garbage collection, and so on.

“A second aspect involves the social, which is to understand the different actors of the beach area including hotels, vacationers and other people such as craft sellers.

“The third factor we take into consideration is the physical aspect of the beach, how dirty it becomes and how much erosion occurs and how it recovers.”

The model, which will hopefully generate public policies to guarantee the environmental stability of the beaches, seeks to convert the shores from a non-renewable natural resource to a resource with possibilities of being resilient.

Sáenz Pardo says, “We will propose alternatives to what we have to do to the government. This study is in preliminary stages.”

The municipality of Solidaridad will be the first municipality with a tourist vocation to start using the model to establish its load capacity in the area of beaches. Once obtained, this information will generate a long term preservation plan for the coast.

The advancements of the beach load capacity model have already been presented at the Eco’17 Riviera Maya, Playas-Costas-Cuencas symposium by arrangement of the Environment Directorate, Orchid Trejo Buendía.

He says that the first model will be ready for March of next year, and will eventually extend to other destinations like Cancun and Holbox. In the long run, they hope to include the rest of the state.