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Playa del Carmen fire department to become self-managed

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The fire department of Solidaridad will have it’s own management board starting September. The new board will be responsible for managing resources, equipment and human resources to keep up with city growth.

Director of the fire department, Yibi Méndez Jiménez, says they need more bodies to keep up with the growth of the city and ideally, they should have 100 firefighters in Solidaridad, however to reach those figures, another 52 people need to be hired.

“We need more elements for the growth of the city and we are working on that. We will present the work plan so that it takes into account what needs to be done to reach the 100 elements. In September the Cabildo is going to set up a new patronage so that negotiations can be made and resources can be made available for the equipment we need.”

“The new board will be made up of citizens of the municipality and will be monitored by the Cabildo. It may end up working with other associations and other countries who regularly donate equipment.”

In addition to doubling the staff of firefighters, other priorities are the acquisition of more trucks and hoses as are needed in the substation in the residential area of Villas del Sol where 70,000 people live.