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Playa del Carmen expected to pay millions in what they’re calling ghost services

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Solidaridad’s current administration continues to tackle financial misdealings from the past as the city takes on another task of debt cleanup for what they’re calling ghost services.

Over 205 million peso is being claimed as outstanding by several suppliers who, since the start of the new administration a year ago, have not been able to verify the provision of the services they are claiming.

Current administration officials are referring to the service debts as ghosts, since there is no paperwork trail or other evidence to prove the services for which these companies are demanding payment, has ever been provided.

In financial statements disclosed by the Treasury, they have established liabilities amounting to 543,786,129 peso, however only 337,899,722 peso correspond to debts with suppliers who were able to prove services rendered.

The phantom services, as they are being called, were part of the past administration headed by Mauricio Góngora Escalante and Rafael Castro Castro. These service providers are claiming 205,886,407 pesos are owed to them but without supporting documentation.

“There are several suppliers with whom we are in litigation because we will not pay until they prove that they rendered the service,” explained Cristina Torres Gómez, municipal president.

“But some alleged suppliers demanded payment from us, and until there is a definitive resolution, we cannot remove it from our liabilities,” she added.

The mayor says that because of this, those additional 205 million peso “owed” by the city in terms of accounting, have to be included in the financial reports that are made public, but they foresee that next year, the debt can be eliminated from the accounts of the Treasury.

“Several demands can take a long time,” she says, “but we believe that many of them will be resolved between February and March of next year because they are not presenting the necessary documentation that is required to support that debt,” she explained.

Over the past year, the new administration has managed to document at least 200 million missing peso that had been issued through a simulation of services, and thus, resulted in criminal complaints being filed against several ex-administration personnel.

To date, these criminal complaints have led to the arrest of the former director of Expendables, Felipe de Jesus Castillo Meseta.