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Playa del Carmen bus drivers block roadways in protest

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A line of Tucsa buses blocked several major roadways in Playa del Carmen Tuesday in protest of fines.

Dozens of bus drivers were out to protest fines imposed on many of them due to new city hall regulations. The fines, which were applied by the Transportation Directorate, also meant they were prohibited from transporting passengers.

Tucsa bus drivers blocked several main city arteries including 38 Avenue, CTM Avenue with 115 and Colosio Avenue with 125, among other points near the Vial Arch.

The bus drivers are rejecting the fines, saying that they have not increased their rates in nearly seven years and that they need the income from these passengers.

The general secretary of Tucsa arrived, but not to talk with bus drivers. Instead, a talk was set with transport director, Lucas Medinilla.

Tucsa buses have run in Playa del Carmen for numerous years, always without a concession. The last Solidaridad administration did issue a permit for Tucsa, however, it expired with the administration.