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Playa del Carmen breaks new nighttime low temperature

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — With steady cool days and the entry of Cold Front 15, the city of Playa del Carmen has broeken its previous minimum temperature record of 14.5C.

According to the Department of Climatology and Meteorology of Civil Protection of Solidarity, the new minimum low was recorded during the early morning hours of December 12, when a temperature of 13.4 was recorded, also making it the lowest temperature of the year.

Antonio Morales Ocaña, Playa del Carmen meteorologist, says the low temperature was recorded at 7:00 a.m. on December 12 at 13.4 degrees Celsius. Previously, last January recorded the minimum which fell to 14.5 degrees Celsius.

“We do not rule out that before the end of the year, temperatures could again mark a lower figure due to the characteristics of the polar air masses that already invade all the United States and Mexico, where in some parts, it has been snowing with temperatures several degrees below zero.”

The new Cold Front is already entering the Northwest of the Gulf of Mexico where it will land north of the Yucatan Peninsula. Daytime highs for Playa del Carmen, however, will continue to be around 27C, but are expected to hit 29 C next week.