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Playa del Carmen attracting high number of Venezuelan migrants

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Venezuelan migrants into Playa del Carmen have grown by 30 percent, says coordinator of the Migrant Assistance Office.

Leonel Castillo Presenda, coordinator of the Migrant Assistance Office, reports that in the first three months of operation of their office, they have a high arrival of families from Venezuela.

He says that families are arriving from the Latin American country to regularize their stay in Mexico, and in particular, in Playa del Carmen. He attributed the sudden arrival to social problems that exist in their country.

“We believe that this sudden arrival of Venezuelans to the office is due to the social problems they have in their country.

“We are doing liaison work with the office of the National Institute of Migration, with the consulates, because there are many families who recently arrived and already have children here who are Mexicans.”

Castillo Presenda said that the work they do is important as they try to protect the human rights attached to international treaties. He says they have also been receiving requests for liaison with migration authorities from people from other countries who already reside in Playa del Carmen.

Last month, this same office assisted nearly 200 foreign families whose children do not attend school due to lack of immigration documentation. He says the largest majority of these are of Central American origin adding that in some cases, the children were born in Mexico and already have nationality, but are without the documentation.

Castillo Presenda emphasized that due to the abundance of jobs in the tourism sector, Playa del Carmen has become an attractive option for a large majority of immigrants.