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Playa del Carmen analyzing six anti-sargasso projects for 2019

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Six projects are under the microscope for evaluation by Playa del Carmen officials who continue to work on fighting the unwanted seaweed that arrives along Riviera Maya beaches.

“Some of the projects are interesting because they are not limited to the interception of algae in the sea, but to its collection right there and mitigation measures that prevent it from landing on the shore of the beach,” said Ángel Durán Desiga, director of the Environmental Department.

While he did not provide specifics on any of the projects, he did say that at least three have a greater scope because they address the problem in an integral manner by incorporating protection and coastal development.

“We have projects that include not depositing sargasso on the beach, which when collected, causes wear, but project proposals that include collection in the sea along with maintenance and beach recovery programs,” he explained.

Of the six projects, only one will be used in 2019, but the decision of which one will depend on the forums that the municipality intends to organize, tentatively in early January.

Durán Desiga stressed that the project participants do not include Dakatso, the company hired by the last administration to deal with the sargasso after, according to legal director René Medrano Ríos, they failed to comply with logging their work progress, which to date, has led to their being paid only seven of the 13 million agreed upon.

In mid-December, Danish company Desmi ran a pilot program with the installation of a sea turtle sargasso barrier that they are hoping will control sargasso along Quintana Roo beaches. There was no mention if they were part of the six being considered.