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Playa del Carmen Airport at maximum capacity

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Small plane air travel is on the rise in Playa del Carmen, with a busy holidays season.

The amount of air traffic at the Playa del Carmen aeroport this Easter doubled from the same timeframe as last year. German Ruiz Tzuc, manager of Aerodome Operations in Playa del Carmen says the additional traffic is based on domestic and foreign tourism who are using the aircraft for things such as parachuting and sightseeing.

“Activities compared to last year’s are double with activities such as skydiving and aerial tours to the island of Holbox becoming preferred by young, mainly foreign tourists. This week, skydive companies have booked up to 20 daily jumps,” said Ruiz Tzuc.

This year, the local Playa del Carmen airport facilities reached 100 percent capacity with 12 fixed aircraft and another six that frequent the Playa del Carmen airport for passengers to Cancun and Merida.

Sintra state authorities say that airport operations will continue throughout 2017, at the current facilities to ensure that there is always be an airport in the city since there is a high demand.

For the past two years, the Playa del Carmen airport has recorded an annual average of 500 booked parachute jumps from one company alone stating, “It is important that the airport continues to exist because this is a tourist activity that represents an economic spill and as well as connectivity. In the event that this (airport) is closed, it will be decided that another one is designed, either by remodeling the previous one or creating one in a different area,” said Ruiz Tzuc.


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