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Playa del Carmen Aguakan fined for price irregularities

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — After an administration irregularity in June, water company Aguakan in Playa del Carmen has been issued a fine of more than 1.6 million peso.

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) of Solidaridad has issued a fine of 1.66 million peso to the water company for not breaking down the prices consumers are charged for water services in the municipality.

Profeco officials say that in June, Aguakan Playa del Carmen received a temporary suspension for billing irregularities, specifically for not breaking down prices that displays the VAT, late payment surcharges or other meter-related charges including proof of value in their advertising.

Through a statement, Profeco indicated that the water service provider does not report in a visible way the total amount to be paid for the services offered, in particular, for commercial rate services.

“Four seals were placed in the offices. The amount of the fine can be up to 3.5 million peso according to the Federal Law of Consumer Protection. It is important to point out that this is only an administrative penalty,” said Marisol Huitrón Rangel, sub-delegate of Profeco in Playa del Carmen.

The suspension seals will be removed once the observations are legally corrected, he explained.