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Persons working for Civil Protection could be subject to random drug testing

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – New random drug tests could be administered to civil protection staff after an incident involving one of their own.

Last weekend, a 28-year-old Civil Protection inspection worker was arrested for allegedly carrying 100 grams of marijuana that he was trying to sell along the tourist strip in centro. The incident occurred while he was in possession of a company vehicle.

Juan Carlos Pereyra Escudero, secretary general, warns “We are urging all workers of Civil Protection and around the city to beware of these circumstances, which are not at all tolerated. We are currently assessing whether to put drug testing into place to ensure trust and public safety against drugs.”

The proposal has been submitted to the cabinet of Solidarity for approval by the mayor, Mauricio Escalante Gongora. They are also still evaluating how to proceed if any Civil Protection workers test positive for drugs. Pereyra Escudero will not elaborate on the proceedings until the new rules become official.

The arrested Civil Protection worker is scheduled to stand trial. He has been relieved of his duties as a municipal controller and has been disqualified from acting as a public servant.

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