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Personnel begin arriving to populate new military city outside Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Military personnel will arrive Friday in Cancun to begin populating the new military garrison.

Cornelio Casio Hernández, commander of the military garrison in Cancún, announced the arrival of 150 military personnel to the barracks on Friday, with the official inauguration of the new military grounds scheduled for October 9.

“Our functions will be to contribute to the functions or activities of the public security bodies. Public security is not our function, but we gladly cooperate, that is, we cannot be first responders, but we are there to help in this important mission of security,” he explained.

He said that the strategy is to complement the surveillance, investigation and patrol work which is currently carried out by the federal, state and municipal police adding that the military base “Will have four battalions, three military police and one special operations.”

This last battalion will have anti-riot vehicles, detection of explosives and personnel for the deactivation of bombs. After the official inauguration, the military base will become home to 3,200 military staff.

The new military city was constructed on 360 hectares of land that includes a housing unit. The land was donated to the Secretariat of National Defense by the government of the state of Quintana Roo. The entire project was an investment of one billion peso.