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PepsiCo Mexico announces reduction of salt, sugar in products

Mexico City, Mexico — PepsiCo Mexico says they have reduced the amount of salt in its snacks sold in Mexico by about 24 percent as part of its plan to reduce added sugars and sodium in the company’s foods and beverage portfolio.

In an interview with Forbes, Paula Santilli, president of PepsiCo Alimentos México explained, “In snacks we have reduced sodium by almost 24 percent, which is easy to say and seems a very simple thing, but it is not so easy.

“We have changed all the oils of the Cheetos brand and today, the level of saturated fats is almost nonexistent.” She also said that some of their brands have been reinforced with vitamins and minerals, while others, such as their Quaker products, have seen the addition of whole grains.

“PepsiCo is working very hard to adapt our formulation in the product portfolio, in new ingredients that begin to appear and in the new preferences of consumers,” said the executive.

As part of its agenda for 2025, the company decreased the added sugars and sodium in its beverages and food during 2017. She says they have also increased the volume of the beverage portfolio with 100 calories or less by 43 percent.

Santilli said the company had a plan to invest $5 billion USD in Mexico between 2014-2019, explaining that this amount has already been exceeded.

“We have exceeded that goal. We have invested in our plants, which are totally changed in the distribution center and in the routes with hybrid trucks. We have invested more than $5 billion USD and we will continue investing,” she added.