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People of Akumal want answer over beach access

Akumal, Q.R. — After years of conflict, the dispute over beach access at Akumal Bay continues as residents demand an answer.

Iran Beltran Chan, delegate akumaleño, has asked federal authorities to provide a final verdict on whether the beach access at the Ecological Center of Akumal is public or private, noting that the ongoing dispute is hurting the area’s image with tourists.

“The residents of the Akumal community and Port Tulumense ask the relevant authorities about the case and to give us an answer,” said Beltran Chan.

He says that for 50 years the peaceful people of the community have enjoyed public access to the beach, but now, he says the Ecological Center of Akumal has been deceptive in removing the beach access.

He explains that due to this deception, Akumaleños have stopped supporting them and from there, conflict arrived “for wanting to take away something that is ours, that is of the town, which is the public access to the beach,” said Beltran Chan.

“I am an authority, but I am also a settler and for all that has happened over the past several years, we ask the federal authorities to give a definitive answer on this case,” he added.