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Penn holds Netflix responsible for El Chapo story

After a failed attempt at preventing Netflix from airing the El Chapo story, Hollywood’s Sean Penn says he will hold Netflix responsible for the documentary.

The documentary, The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate del Castillo Story, recounts events leading to Mexican actress, Kate del Castillo and Hollywood actor Sean Penn’s headline-making interactions with the famous drug lord, Joaquín Guzmán Loera (El Chapo).

Not only has Penn said the documentary is not entirely accurate, his biggest concern is he believes the documentary implies that he helped the authorities at the Department of Justice in their capture of El Chapo.

Penn’s lawyer sent a letter to Netflix,”It is hereby notified that there will be blood on your hands if this movie causes bodily harm,” Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., Penn’s lawyer, wrote in The New York Times on Thursday.

“It is deeply disappointing that Netflix and its partners have chosen to ignore the extreme danger they are creating,” said the lawyer, who on behalf of his client demanded changes in the documentary.

However, on Friday the streaming platform opened the movie without any change.

“We tried to contact him many times and he decided to ignore the requests. Now he wants to talk and be part of it and I’m sorry, it’s too late” said Kate del Castillo.

In response to opposition and criticism from the Hollywood star, documentary producer David Broome said, “We never say in the documentary that Sean Penn is in conspiracy with the US Department of Justice.”

Netflix also issued a statement on Friday stating that “Sean Penn was given the opportunity to participate in The Day I Met El Chapo on several occasions and decided not to.”

“The events that took place since the famous reunion have had wide coverage, including by Penn himself in Rolling Stone magazine and his public comments ever since. The only new thing in the subject that we are contributing with this series is to give Kate the opportunity to finally tell her version of this story,” the company added.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Kate del Castillo said that Penn “has a perception of what happened and I have another.”

In addition to the letter sent by Penn’s lawyer to Netflix, his spokesman Mark Fabiani said that the documentary’s release was “a nasty and relentless pursuit of free publicity and attention” from Kate del Castillo and her team “who were not present in the interview (with El Chapo) and therefore lack first-hand information.”

Fabiani also said that the actress and Netflix sought to “create a deeply false, silly and irresponsible narrative.”