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Peña Nieto cancels trip over US comments

Mexico City, D.F. – Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto has cancelled a meeting with Donald Trump over Trump’s comments about Mexico paying for the installation of a wall.

Noting that Mexico remains willing to work with the United States, Peña Nieto sent a message to the nation saying that first and foremost, his intentions are to defend the interests of Mexicans in the formulation of the terms of the bilateral relationship with the United States on migration issues, trade and security.

In response to Peña Nieto’s cancellation, Trump published a Twitter remarking, “If Mexico is not willing to pay the much needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the imminent meeting (with Peña Nieto).”

“I regret and reject the decision of the United States to continue building a wall that, for years, far from uniting us, divides us. Mexico does not believe in walls,” said Mexico’s president.

The meeting between the two leaders was scheduled for next Tuesday.

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