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Peña Nieto admits country plagued by incredulity, distrust

During his March 3 trip to the UK, President Enrique Peña Nieto made a candid statement in an interview with the British Financial Times.

In a Financial Times interview about the current state of Mexico, his admission that Mexico is plagued by “incredulity and distrust” came as a surprise to many.

He went on to says that his “government must focus on improving law and order if its radical economic reform program is to work.”

“Today there is, without a doubt, a sensation of incredulity and distrust. There has been a loss of confidence and this has sown suspicion and doubt,” Peña Nieto said.

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Recent conflicts of interest involving Peña Nieto and Finance Minister, Luis Videgarary, have only heightened distrust with the Mexican people as scandal alerts “have added to the sense that Mr. Peña Nieto’s government is out of touch with voters — and that his campaign vow to leave old practices behind was hollow.”

The president also stated in his interview that he has pledged to tackle corruption “much more effectively” and end “the stigma” of Mexico’s politicians being considered thieves.

According to the Financial Times newspaper interview, Peña Nieto views the confidence crisis as “an opportunity” and adds, “I think we are [still] in time to show results, to deliver benefits to Mexicans. I am optimistic.”

The president went on to say that despite the political and social issues in Mexico, investment opportunities between the UK and Mexico continue to grow. The long-term goal is to double British investments in Mexico.

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