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Pemex stations found to have high irregularities

Cancun, Q.R. – Gas stations in the state are being cracked down on due to a large number of consumer complaints.

As part of a national operational verification program conducted by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, of the 170 stations in the state, only five gas stations have been sanctioned.

Across the country, authorities inspected 527 petro stations, 11 of which refused to allow the inspections and one gas station that refused to provide any verification of the business. From their investigation, most of the petro stations were fined for irregularities under the Federal Consumer Protection Act and Mexican Official Standards.

As outlined by Consumption of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), in the state of Quintana Roo, Pemex operates 170 stations. Eighty-six of which are in Benito Juarez, 34 in Chetumal, 23 in Solidaridad, 13 on Isla Cozumel, four in Felipe Carrilo Puerto, four in Lazaro Cardenas and two between Jose Maria and Tulum.

The most frequent violation that leads to gas station fines is the failure to provide proper liter-to-liter measurements. Consumers were not getting the full amount of fuel that the pump showed due to altered pumps, hoses and other components.

The results of their inspections in regard to the Pemex gas stations has been made public and can be viewed on the website of Profeco.


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