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Pemex announces the discovery of seven new reservoirs

Mexico City, Mexico — Pemex has announced the discovery of seven new reservoirs in two fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

The announcement of the discovery was made by Pemex CEO, Carlos Treviño, who confirmed the discovery of seven reservoirs in two new wells in Mexico’s Southeast Basin.

He says the discoveries are named Manik-101A and Mulach-1 and will allow the company to incorporate more than 180 million barrels of oil equivalent (MMBOE) of 3P reserves.

Accompanied by Mexico’s Energy Secretary and chairman of Pemex’s Board of Directors, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Carlos Treviño outlined the progress the company has done in the two fields as well the development of two other fields that will commence production in the near future.

These new shallow water discoveries will become part of Pemex’s portfolio of fields under development that have been discovered in recent years. The combined peak production of the six fields Pemex is currently evaluating and developing could be up to 210,000 b/d and 350 MMcf/d of natural gas.

Earlier in April 2018, Pemex drilled Manik-101A in a water depth of 90 meters, reaching a total depth of 4,765 meters located northeast of the Manik field between the Ixtal and Ixtoc fields, 85 kilometers from the coast and 102 kilometers from Ciudad del Carmen.

At a press conference, Carlos Alberto Treviño described these findings as “great news that confirm that we still have a lot of oil and that we must look for it, find it and extract it to incorporate it into national production.”

Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, in turn said that these discoveries represent one of the ten most important findings in the world.