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PDC traffic lights fine tuned before busy holiday season

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – General Directorate of Public Security, Traffic and Firefighters Solidarity has provided maintenance and made ​​adjustments to all the traffic lights that operate in the municipality.

Rodolfo del Angel Campos, director of the municipal corporation, explained that due to inclement weather that has occurred for the past several weeks, specifically heavy rains and winds, some of the structures have been moved.

“Maintenance is constant around the town, but now that the weather conditions have passed, some of the circuit boxes needed to be reset. Even some of the metal structures were not detecting properly, so crews set out to make the necessary modifications,” he explained.

He added that the work is being done prior to the upcoming summer 2015 holiday season, which officially starts in mid-July, a period in which the city sees an extreme influx on local roadways.

“In a normal day we have around 20,000 cars, motorcycles, trucks and urban transport vehicles circulating but during holiday periods, we reach an average of 35,000 vehicles per day,” he said.

There are 32 vital parts of the city controlled by electric signals. Angel Campos said that they will all be running at 100 percent during the busy holiday season.

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