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Patricia Navidad experiences woman’s worst nightmare

Mexican singer, Patricia Navidad, experienced every woman’s worst nightmare on live television when her sanitary pad fell to the floor.

While in the middle of a television performance on Univision’s “Despierta América” show, her white sanitary napkin fell out from between her legs and landed on the floor. Being the professional that she is, Navidad carried on singing while everyone else was left shocked and staring.

The video of her performance and pad malfunction went viral on YouTube, where it’s been viewed more than a million times, likely by women who’ve often been terrified of having the same thing happen to them.

Novidad did confirm that indeed, it was a sanitary pad with a tweet on her Twitter account calling it “a flying sanitary towel.”

Navidad took to Twitter to clear up what had happened, saying: “I want to make it clear that I never threw the towel – it fell out on its own through a very sophisticated tunnel!” She has shown that such a situation can be handled with dozens of retweets of jokes from her #PatyFans followers.

Oddly enough, she also fell victim to online shaming and mocking for her natural body functions as people wrote nasty comments about her.

But Navidad has stood up for herself, writing on Twitter:

“What a shame that there are men out there who forget they’re here because of a woman, and are so offensive and vulgar towards women.”


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